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Lead the Hippoh herd.

Join the Hippoh brand ambassador team and help us bring the happy hour app nationwide. The Hippoh ambassador program gives you experience working with bars, events, and world-renowned alcohol brands.

The Characteristics


You think differently and want to tackle new opportunities. 

go getter

You take initiative and believe if you ain't first, you're last.

outgoing personality

You're highly approachable and social with a natural ability to relate to different people in many different situations.


You take pride and have a strong herd of followers on social media. 

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Promote Hippoh Social Media

Social media is your microphone! All we need is for you to share and create some Hippoh related content.

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Free Hippoh Gear

Be a walking billboard for Hippoh. We will provide you with all the Hippoh clothing and accessories needed.

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Hippoh Events

Plan Hippoh events around your city or attend already planned events. Have fun, wear Hippoh clothing, and spread the word about the app.


Share Product & Marketing Feedback

You will be our ears and eyes on the ground. We want to hear what ideas you have as well as what your fellow Hippoh herd is saying.


If you're ready to become a herd leader we want to hear from you. 


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