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Erie Bars and Restaurants Are Going Green

This is not a drill! Erie is moving into the Green phase on Friday, June 26th. After nearly a month of outdoor dining being allowed, Erie’s bar and restaurants can open their doors to allow customers to eat and drink in the establishment at 50% occupancy.

There are a few things we want our herd to know before they go into an establishment to stay safe and have fun!

1. Practice Social Distancing and Good Hygiene

We know you have probably read this a hundred times but it’s just as important when establishments begin to allow more people. Since you will be touching more things in public than previously, ensure you are washing your hands often with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Especially if you are using your hands to eat your meal like a big juicy burger. Avoid high-touch areas, where possible, or ensure you clean your hands afterward. You can still have a great time while making sure you and the people around you are safe.

2. Bars and Restaurants Are Changing

The same Erie bars and restaurants we know and love may look and feel different. Some may have physical barriers separating tables or the menus and prices may be altered for rising food costs. This transition is tough for everyone so make sure you abide by whatever rules and regulations establishments set like one-way traffic flow, party limits at tables, masks, etc. Don’t be a Karen.


Most servers and bartenders make their money through tips. With the reduced capacity, some may be working harder but seeing less money. A little extra tip for good service and safety goes a long way. Also, be aware of your table when you leave to not leave it a mess so that it can be cleaned quickly and properly. If you cannot increase your tip amount, let them know you appreciated their service with a thank you, or you did a great job. Help make going back to bars and restaurants fun for everyone involved!

4. Plan Ahead

Most of the popular bars and restaurants in Erie may have a line to get a seat due to reduced capacity. I would recommend showing up earlier than expected or have a few backup establishments in the lineup. The Hippoh app has a list of all the bars and restaurants in Erie based on your location so you can quickly pick the next watering hole. Make sure you are planning safe transportation between establishments if you are drinking. The Hippoh app also has a safe ride feature to get you to your desired destination at the bottom of every bar and restaurant.

5. Happy Hours

Last but certainly not least, it appears a lot of establishments DO NOT have a HAPPY HOUR or some sort of discount at this time. So again, don’t be a Karen and ask to speak to a manager. Keep checking back in on Hippoh’s social media and we will update our herd on when happy hours begin to start again.

We can’t wait to see our herd getting back out and finding their watering holes again. We missed you!

- Happi

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