Recap on the Week of Wings

And that's a wrap. With the week of wings ending on Sunday, we have our champion for Hippoh’s first Week of Wings: Odis 12 and their 150 wing flavors. We will be giving away four $25 gift cards throughout the week so hang onto your butts! Huge shoutout to everyone that voted, shared, and commented on the posts. There is no doubt that our herd has a ridiculous amount of pride and passion for their favorite wing joints. Debatably too much, bottled up passion. The comment section of some of our posts felt like the lobby of a Call of Duty multiplayer match. Creative, entertaining, and cutthroat.

With that being said, you can most likely expect another “Week of...” bracket coming soon and we hope that our herd can bring that same passion and participation in the next couple of weeks. The way the giveaways will work is simple. We post, you tag/share. Basically, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook we will post a graphic (pending our graphics department waking up from the “holiday” on Monday. You and I both know how those artists get those creative juices flowing!) and you share it and tag an establishment that we should include in our next bracket, Week of Pizza!

  1. Hippoh post's a Week of Pizza graphic on socials!

  2. You share and tag/comment YOUR favorite pizza joint in Erie to become eligible.

  3. Hippoh gives away four $25 gift cards to Odis 12 via DM's to those who engaged with our Week of Pizza post.

  4. You win or you lose.

Again, thanks to everyone that voted, shared and commented. This community is all about feedback and participation and without it we would never improve. And last but not least, thank you to Bud Light Seltzer, for being tasty and delicious. That’s all I got for now, short and sweet.

Angry out!

P.S. Be nice to happi, he/she/it is a jolly ole chap from a foreign land and runs a lot of our social media.

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