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Week of Wings: Spicy 8 Got Hot, Flavor 4 Breakdown, Secret Weapons and more.

Just as another Thursday of living like groundhog comes to an end and it seems like there’s nothing left to look forward to, we have the Week of Wings. We had the hottest round yet with the Spicy 8 coming to an end and the Flavor 4 starting up Friday at 12:30 pm. So we are going to review the Spicy 8, then jump into the breakdown of the Flavor 4 bars and then talk secret weapons.

Spicy 8 Review:

Odis 12 vs Red Fox Inn:

I think the Red Fox Inn has won everyone’s hearts and deserves some wing recognition .. or wingnition. This single matchup had over 1,100 votes and was tied on Facebook. It literally ended tied at 522 votes. Unfortunately for the Red Fox, Odis won both Instagram stories and Twitter allowing them to move on. Red Fox is still open for takeout and they remain active on Facebook with daily food specials so toss them a like and if you’re hungry give them a call.

Red Fox Inn: https://www.facebook.com/redfoxinn76/

Odis 12: 628

Red Fox Inn: 582

Calamari’s vs Porky’s

The Pig overtakes the squid in the Spicy 8. Calamaris had a good showing on Instagram and tied on Twitter but lost to Porky’s on Facebook in the last few hours. Calamaris has some solid wings flavors like their Carolina Gold Hot, Wet Cranch, and Butter Garlic so check them out if you haven’t yet because they are doing take out. Check their website below for the full menu:

Calamaris: http://www.calamaris-squidrow.com/eat.html

Calamaris: 170

Porkys: 200

The Cab vs Cornerstone

Onto the third matchup that could have ended going either way as we woke up Thursday morning! The Cornerstone out sauced The Cab on our polls but The Cab has some mouth-watering sauces like their Dave’s Special, Kickers, Candy Cajun and so many more. While they are knocked out of our week, they are open for business and we love their Facebook posts of the daily specials! See more below.

The Cab: https://www.thecaberie.com/to-go-menu

The Cab: 213

Cornerstone: 268

Coach’s vs Primanti Bros:

I am going to leave the recap of this matchup with this meme of our Facebook notifications:

Over 40+ comments of “Coach’s until I die” later and Coach's got the win over Pittsburgh's Primanit Bros but you gotta love those Primanti sandwiches tho. But this is the Week Of Wings not sandwiches so let's move on to the Flavor 4.

The Cab: 545

Primanti Bros: 111

Flavor 4 Breakdown:

You can not go wrong with any of these four fine wing establishments but we have to see which two will make it through the Flavor 4 and who will get lost in the sauce. The schedule for the flavor 4 is a 12:30 pm start time on Friday and a 12:30 pm end time on Saturday. The finals will start up right after and the champion will be crowned at 12:30pm on Sunday.

Odis 12 vs Porkys

Let’s start with Odis 12. 150 different flavors and every one of the sauces I have tried has bit me back. Everyone knows they have great wings but they are competing against a dangerous competitor this week. Your 2 am best and worst decision. Porkys Pizzeria! They have a strong following on social media that has voted them here to get here. I also want them to tell me what their ‘Secret Sauce’ wing sauce is because not knowing is bothering me. Is it spicy or sweet?

As usual support these local shops by visiting their websites below or calling.

Porky’s: http://www.porkyspizzeria.com/home.html

Odis 12: https://www.odis12.com/

Cornerstone vs Coach’s

Our battle moves uptown between these two Erie staples. I am looking forward to enjoying a cold Bud Light at Cornerstone while enjoying their banging wings but for now, we have to see if they have enough to beat Coach’s. Coach’s community has been voting and for good reason because they have great wings! They even have .75 cent wings on Thursdays (takeout). I can't wait to see what happens Friday.

Cornerstone: https://www.cornerstonebar.com/

Coach’s: https://www.coachssportsbarandgrillerie.com/

Oh. Cornerstone also has a ‘Secret Weapon’ wing sauce so now I am just angry. Is it the same flavor as Porkys or do they both have their own secret weapons? Want to know my secret weapon is? It's a Bud Light Seltzer. At 100 calories, two grams of carbs and an ABV of 5%, you can't go wrong. Thanks for reading and keep voting!


Happi Hippoh

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