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Week Of Wings: The Aftermath of the Sweet 16

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Happi Hippoh here. It’s too bad I was late to the blog party and the name “Hungry Hippoh” was taken. That would have been an obvious choice because I have the eating habits of a full-grown greasy hippo. So now I have painted you a tantalizing picture, let’s get to the Week of Wings. First off, I chose these 16 establishments because I knew they had good wings and in doing so I missed some great Erie spots. We meant no disrespect to the establishments we missed.


I have created a meme to fully illustrate what has happened on social media:


The first round of the Week Of Wings: the Sweet 16 is done! This past week was full of upsets with just the right amount of neck & neck competition. We lost some Erie classics and I would love to talk about all of them but we have a lot of stuff (censorship) to fit into a week so let’s dive right into the Spicy 8:

Odis 12 vs Red Fox Inn

The Red Fox Inn fox is red hot coming off their big win over Plymouth in the Sweet 16 but they are going to have to rally the voters on Instagram and Twitter to beat Odis 12. Not going to lie I thought Plymouth was going to win, But when I started watching the numbers come in, I was shocked. My bracket was busted, heartbroken and its all thanks to the Red Fox Inn. On a serious note, hats off to the community surrounding that establishment. You guys seriously know how to support your wing spot. But there is no time for rest, the big matchup is here. Odis 12 has a big following for a big reason with over 150 wing flavors but who will get lost in the sauce and who will come out on top? Both these places are open for business so if this first matchup has you craving something, support local and click the links below.

Odis 12: https://www.odis12.com/

Red Fox Inn: https://www.facebook.com/redfoxinn76/

Porky's vs Calamaris

The way that pig smiles in the Porkys logo does something to me. Maybe it is because I see myself in his eyes BUT will Porkys make the herd come out to vote to beat Calamaris Squid Row? If you don’t know about Calamari’s wings you're missing out! If you’re like me then you probably started the night at happy hour at Calamaris and ended it at Porky’s. I can’t wait to see which way this goes. Check out their wing sauces or their full menus on the links below:

Calmaris: http://www.calamaris-squidrow.com/eat.html

Porky’s: http://www.porkyspizzeria.com/home.html

Cornerstone vs The Cab

This is going to be a great Erie matchup. If you were feeling frisky on an Erie Wednesday night then The Cornerstone Bar & Grill is your place but their wings smack on any day of the week. They are going to need to rally the Lakers to beat another Erie favorite, The Cab. Don’t let the fact they have been around for 22 years fool you because The Cab has a list of “Cab Created” sauces or classic sauces that keep them relevant in this matchup. Both these local places are still open for pickup so support local and check the links below:

Cornerstone: https://www.cornerstonebar.com/

The Cab: https://www.thecaberie.com/to-go-menu

Primanti Bro’s vs Coach’s

Pride of Pittsburgh vs the Sweet 16 Top Voted Bar: Coach’s Bar and Grill. Coach’s vs Ugly Tuna was a very tight matchup with Coach’s making a late push so I’m interested to see how this one turns out. Primanti Bro’s knows how to make some big sandwiches and their wings have some big flavor but I’m curious to see if they can get the support. Shout out to the fact that Coach’s is almost at their 20th anniversary next year! Both these places are still open for pickup so support the industry and check the links below:

Coach’s: https://www.coachssportsbarandgrillerie.com/

Primanti’s: https://primantibros.com/locations/erie

So with that, continue to show support to ALL local businesses through this time and we will all get through this. Until then I’ll keep trying to slap some photoshop brackets together or make a meme to make y’all smile. Thanks to our friends at Bud Light Seltzer for making a freaking awesome seltzer and making this possible. If you’re like me then your body is happy to get a Bud Light Seltzer into it compared to what's usually put into it. Stay home.

Thanks for the support,



Happi Hippoh

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