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Top 5 Things To Do with No Happy Hour

Hello herd, it's Hungry here, and I want to let you know of some personal favorite activities to mark on the ole agenda while surviving the barpocalypse. Alright, I may have reached on that title, nonetheless here are some suggestions to bring the happy back into the hours.

5. Read a Book

I bet you thought this list was going to be all about drinking, here at Hippoh we are scholars first and promote the pursuit of happiness, with a little dash of raging face. Second, we all have that one book we have been meaning to read, so just get it done T-T-Today Junior! Reading something that is

not about COVID-19 is a rarity these days. Obviously, everything that is happening should be taken very seriously, but that doesn’t mean we can’t escape for a little bit right? I am currently reading ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’ by Viktor E. Frankl, because I mean you take away a man's happy hour, he demands answers. All jokes aside, it is a good way to unwind, maybe do something that you have not been able to get around to in a while. Get a nice mental jog in. I do not know about you guys, but I find reading to be a better use of my time than building a super sick fort, not that I did that…..

4. Binge Watch

Alright, how did reading a book go? Probably not good, so time to resort back to old faithful, binge-watching. A story as old as streaming, but truthfully one of the best things if you are stuck inside for however long. I know there is a show you want to watch or heard is good so why not dive into it and inevitably watch the entire season in one sitting. A suggestion of mine would be to binge-watch all of the Marvel movies on Disney+, paired with a sixer of Bud Light Seltzer and have yourself a day. Any show or movie will do, but honestly, the seltzers are non-negotiable. Watch something you have not seen before because interest levels will fade if you have seen it before. A movie day will help pass a day or two over this, but please do not make it an everyday thing.

3. Watch Sports

They can suspend the NBA and take away March Madness, but they can not stop us from watching sports. It is time to pull up the highlight reels of all your favorite players and for the love of God, if we see that you start posting highlights from your high school tape, we will unfollow you. We get it, you should have gone D1. So sit down and watch some of the best games and moments in sports history again the sixer of seltzer is a must. ESPN 30 for 30s are a great way to watch sports and learn about the history of the game. Since we do not have to worry about keeping up with the present, let's catch up on the past. Even if I know the ending, watching and reliving some of the best moments in sports history can still bring a tear to my eye. Also, explore some sports that you have not really followed before. This may not be that far back, but the 2018 USA Curling team was electric. It might bring back some bad memories you’ve tried to compartmentalize when you lost to your “Unc” in shuffleboard on vacation, but it makes us stronger.

2. Learn to do Something New

If you have some free time, then make sure not to waste it. If you have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, cook, juggle, etc. Then make it happen. The internet is filled with how-to videos teaching you to do anything and everything. Probably some things that would be better left not seen by the public. However, it is also a chance to cross something off your bucket list. I won’t go in-depth about all the things you can learn, make it your own, because I am confident everyone can think of one thing that they have always wanted to do.

1. Time With Family

During all of this craziness, we do have something that will always be there for us, and it is our families. For parents who are home for work, obviously there is still a commitment to the job, but there is an opportunity to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with our families. No school or practices for kids to be running around too. The bright side of all of this mess is that we get to spend time with our families. I think the most important thing to do with all this time is spend it with your loved ones. Obviously do not put yourself or anyone else in danger, but make memories with your family. Do not think of this as the time you are stuck inside your house, but the time that you got to spend time with the people who love and care for you most. There is still an opportunity to get a lot of positives out of this crisis. I think being with your family is one of the biggest blessings that we could have asked for.

Thank you guys for sticking through the blog, it is the first hopefully of many (that is, if my boss lets me write another one). One important thing that I will emphasize is still to use Hippoh as a resource. If you don't feel like cleaning dishes, order take out. Check the Hippoh app, or please DM us with any questions as to where you can order food, best to-go beer places. We know this is a struggle for a lot of reasons, and we would love to help you guys in any way possible! Until next time, Hungry OUT!

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