Week of Wings - A History Lesson

So it’s about to be a new week. And for the Hippoh herd, it's not gonna just be any other week. It’s about to be a Week of Wings. And with this blog (which is my first), I am kind of just wingin' it.

I know I know, nailed it. And just a forewarning, there are about to be a whole lot of gramatical errors, personal opinions and if I am feeling frisky, I might even use a curse word. But with it being day bazillion of this "stay at home order" I am just trying to help you fill that empty void of yours. So with that being said, I am going to try and help by doing a little reminiscing about one of my personal favorite French dishes….chicken wings.

But before I get into any of that, I think it’s important to get a little history lesson on this foreign delicacy. And don't you worry, I am willing to put my journalistic reputation on the line by only using sources with the highest degree of pedigree such as the National Chicken Council and Wikipedia.

After my initial research, it appears that I may have been incorrect on some of my claims. Basically all of 'em. Deep-fried chicken wings actually have been a long time staple from the cookings of the dirty south. Howeva! Cooking wings in that peppery Buffolian hot sauce (the chicken wings we have all grown to love and consume today) was born in the mid - 60’s. Back in the days where the Rolling Stones ruled the radio, the Ford Mustang was the hottest rod on the road and our parents were being conceived in one of those sick ass VW Scooby-Doo shaggin wagons. In 1964, Teressa Bellissimo was hanging out with some friends at her bar, the Anchor Bar. The gang wanted a late-night snack, something we are all guilty of and decided to cook some leftover wings in hot sauce. They liked it so much that the next day they decided to put it on the menu and pair it with celery and bleu cheese (you better not ask for ranch (or Dr. Phil will send you to the ranch)).

The chicken wing started to gain popularity when the son of the owner, Dominic Bellissimo and the man with a name for Hollywood, Dick Winger, went on the road to promote the entré. Dick Winger also sold the hot sauce to Bar and once the two men hit the road, the dish started to gradually gain popularity and after years and years of hard work and "grinding" the dish gradually gained popularity. The rest was history.

With the Week Of Wings upon us, my little history lesson and Hippoh’s social media bracket, I hope that you can dig deep into your brain next week and on scouts honor vote on what establishments in Erie you think have the best wings. Picture yourself sitting down at these establishments, lubing up your gullet with cold Bud Light Seltzer, and voting accordingly. There is definitely going to be some early favorites that you will recognize and some sleepers that if you haven't tried there wings yet, good golly you better.

All in all, there will be 4 rounds. It starts with the Sweet 16 on Monday and then we will move to the Spicy 8 on Wednesday and progress to the Flavor 4 on Friday. Saturday we will have the voting for the championship and Sunday we will announce the winner for Hippoh’s Week of Wings. Voting can occur on all of Hippoh’s social media so make sure you get it in before days end!

And oh yeah, Hippoh is going to buy $100 worth of gift cards from the winning restaurant for the “Week of Wings” to give them away to the herd. Make sure you are paying attention to our socials! Stay classy, buy take out and for the love of all things holy, wash your hands. Until next time, Angry out.

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